Termination for convenience clauses in building

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Termination for Convenience Sample Clauses

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Construction Contract 1st Ed (1999 Red Book)

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Termination and suspension of construction contracts

Jul 01,  · Termination Of Construction Contracts And The Qatar Civil Code – Part One. When the construction of the Project is completed and the Building is ready for use, the Lessee shall advise the Port Authority to such effect and shall deliver to the Port Authority a certificate signed and sealed by the Lessee’s Architect/Engineer, certifying that the Construction Work has been constructed in accordance with the approved.

Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

This article also appeared in the September issue of Building Baltimore, a publication of the Baltimore Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors. Termination for convenience clauses are standard in public and private construction contracts and provide a means for one party to terminate a contract without breaching it.

Construction Contract, Change, Claim, Delay, Eichleay, Liquidated, Impact, Acceleration, Plans, Specifications, Differing, Concealed, Condition, Suspension. Jul 30,  · It was clear from the termination for convenience clause in that case that the contract could be terminated at any time, by either party, on one month's notice.

Termination for Convenience Clauses in Building Construction and Infrastructure Contracts

The clause did not require there to be any reason for the termination. Business early termination fee clauses can be especially nasty—charging you for pass-through taxes they won’t have to pay or charging you for service charges that otherwise been discounted or waived.

Termination for convenience clauses in building
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