Sbs paper terminology

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Generic term for stiff paper usually made in several layers with a substance normally varying from to /g/m2, for certain grades even higher; widely used for packaging (e.g.


folding cartons) and graphic applications Carton and Board Author: Administrador. WestRock has a wide selection of coated, solid bleached sulfate (SBS), coated unbleached kraft (CUK) and % recycled paperboard (CRB). Browse our paperboard products and get started today!

SBS stands for Solid Bleached Sulfate and it is the highest quality and most expensive paperboard substrate.

Packaging Industry Terminology

SBS is produced from bleached virgin wood pulp and can be used as a moisture barrier. A coated paper used on the inside of boxes, which are used for food.

Box Paper (of Plain or coated papers usually colored and embossed. Cardboard (of Cardboard A thick, stiff paper produced by pasting multiple layers of paper together.

Paperboard packaging comes in several different grades that possess unique characteristics making each grade suitable for different packaging requirements and needs. Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) Bleached paperboard or solid bleached sulfate (SBS) is a premium paperboard grade that is produced from a furnish containing at least 80 percent virgin.

Sbs paper terminology
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