Protein protein interface hot spots

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Mitochondria have their own genome of about 16, bp that exists outside of the cell nucleus. Each contains 13 protein coding genes, 22 tRNAs and 2 rRNAs. COMMUNICATION Anatomy of Hot Spots in Protein Interfaces* Graduate Group in Biophysics University of California San Francisco, CAUSA.

Mitochondrial and ER crosstalk regulates mitochondrial homeostasis. • The ER–mitochondria interface as platform for inflammasome formation • The mitochondria associated membranes are crucial for autophagosome assembly and regulate autophagic machinery.

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HotPoint: hot spot prediction server for protein interfaces Nurcan Tuncbag, Ozlem Keskin* and Attila Gursoy* Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, and College of Engineering, Koc University. Most molecular and cellular processes are controlled by protein–protein interactions. Proteins interact through interfaces.

The energy distribution along the interface region is not homogenous; certain residues contribute more to the binding free energy, called ‘hot spots’ (Bogan and Thorn, ; Clackson and Wells, ; Wells, ). The approved anti-cancer drug ibrutinib is a poster child for covalent modifiers, with projected sales of more than $ billion.

The molecule reacts with a cysteine residue in the kinase BTK as well as several other kinases, forming an irreversible bond.

Protein protein interface hot spots
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