Pie chart data visualization for

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NY Times: The Best and Worst of Data Visualization

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Data Visualization in Python — Pie charts in Matplotlib

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Web Friendly Interactive Data Visualization with Djs

Visualizations that make no sense. For a discussion of what is wrong with a particular visualization, tweet at us @WTFViz. Submit a WTFViz you found. Just about every analytics tool includes pie charts as a data visualization, but if you look around, there’s probably a better way to visualize your data.

For example, if you wanted to show how much each of your sales reps contribute to your overall sales, you could use a pie chart. Mar 30,  · Hi folks, I have a question regarding pie chart visualization: The end user wants a pie charts which visualizes his KPI.

Charts and other visualizations in Power View

There are some very high values and some low ones. The pie chart has long been reviled by data-visualization experts.

Understanding Pie Charts

“The circle with sectors is not a desirable form of presentation,” wrote the engineer and visualization researcher William. Most librarians are Democrats. Most farmers are Republicans. As a group, doctors are in the middle, though pediatricians lean left and urologists right.

Good Enough to Great: A Quick Guide for Better Data Visualizations | Tableau Software.

Pie chart data visualization for
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