How transportation affect globalisation

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Greening transport

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How Does Globalisation Affect Freight Transport in Singapore

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Gross Domestic Products by Taking Source:. How Does Globalization Affect the World Economy? by Andra Picincu - Updated June 25, Globalization is changing the world economy, opening up new opportunities for countries worldwide.

As they try to quickly adapt their supply chains in order to take advantage of lower tariffs, rules and standards within these new trade zones, companies need the help of multinational logistics firms with a local presence and expertise across the globe.

Transportation has definitely given a great boost to globalization. Now smaller companies can easily compete with the bigger companies around the world as it is /5(6). Though transportation plays an important role on the economy, Pompeo and Sapountzis () argued that the demand for freight transport is very much dependent on global economy cycles.

This means that the state of the economy does affect the performance of the freight transportation industry as well, which exposes it to the volatility of demand.

A Review of Logistics and Transport Sector as a Factor of Globalization The objective of this review to identify the essential factors that affect on the logistics and transport sector through globalization processes happening in the world economy.

Transportation logistics in global value and supply chains, working paper number: G. Transportation is one of the least visible, but critical components of the global economy by supporting a wide array of movements of passengers and freight between nations.

Freight transportation is particularly unnoticed even if globalization depends on the trade.

How transportation affect globalisation
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