How to reduce car accidents

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The Overlooked Threat of Vehicle-Into-Building Accidents

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10 ways to reduce traffic fatalities

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I collated separate articles on:. If you are in a car accident that is not your fault and you get injured, your car insurance company may reimburse you for lost wages. Your eligibility depends on your car insurance and ability to file the claim with the proper information.

A common cause of accidents is driving faster than one can stop within their field of vision. Such practice is illegal and is particularly responsible for an increase of fatalities at night – when it occurs most.

Driver impairment. Driver impairment describes factors that prevent the. Herniated Disc. If someone’s negligence caused or aggravated your herniated disc, you want to get compensated fairly. To increase your chances of getting a good payout, you must understand the facts that led to past herniated disc settlements and verdicts.

Seniors vs. Teens Answer: Teens. We expect mistakes from young drivers, but the first few years are pretty risky. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), drivers ages are three times more likely to crash than drivers over These novice drivers cause significantly more car accidents than seniors: The United States Census Bureau calculates percent of car.

As part of the big Independence Day celebration, as for pretty much every holiday, state and local police like to do a little fund raising. They put cops on the streets in force to create as big a presence as possible, ostensibly to reduce speeding and drunk driving on one of the busiest travel days of year.

Let our North Carolina car accident lawyers assist you. Car accidents in North Carolina happen fast. Often, when you least expect it, a car accident can instantly change your life.

How to reduce car accidents
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