How to make tissue paper balls to hang

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DIY Project: Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

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Football Craft: Tissue Paper Pom Poms and Football Centerpiece

Crepe fee is cheap. I found it at Zurchers or Illness city. Because of the thickness, you can only place off a few thanks at a key. Nov 15,  · And when I saw a little picture of what appeared to be paper balls in a CB2 catalog, I thought, "I am going to make those." I'll have to make some to hang around the house!

November 15, at PM Anonymous said Lovely! I love modular balls like this. I used to make some every Christmas for ornaments & How About Orange. 18pcs Tissue Hanging Paper Pom-poms, Hmxpls Flower Ball Wedding Party Outdoor Decoration Premium Tissue Paper Pom Pom Flowers Craft Kit (Blue.

These are so pretty! We used to make crepe paper roses for wreaths back in the eighties, but I like the pom pom idea a lot more! I love to see techniques being rediscovered, and applied with a new twist (and hate that I'm old enough to see the cycles).

I’ve seen a lot of really beautiful paper fans used as party decoration and photo backdrops.

Pom-Poms and Luminarias

So, I wanted to try and make a hole-punched version which really lets the light through and looks so festive and pretty. Tissue Paper in Your Choice of Colors or Patterns – 17″ x 30″ for Medium Pom-Poms and 20″ x 30″ for large Pom-Poms, Sheets per Pom-Pom Ball (the more sheets, the fuller the ball) 24 gauge floral or craft wire – About 6 inches of wire per Pom-Pom Ball.

Paper tissue balls or tissue fringe garlands are fluffy options that will add depth to your decorating. Paper fans have a certain frilly appeal with their ample texture.

We have fans to suit any size party with both solid-colored inch fans and trios that include one inch polka dot fan and two inch solid fans in the same shade.

How to make tissue paper balls to hang
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How to Make Tissue Paper Pom-Poms