How does natural childbirth compare to

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Natural Labour vs Induced Labour – 6 Main Differences

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Risks of C-Section vs. Vaginal Birth

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Climate Science Glossary

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Why Birth Plans Don’t Work (and How to Write One that Does)

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Do natural bug repellents work?

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Dec 03,  · As many of you know, I had a natural childbirth. I did not use medicine of any kind, did not have the epidural, wasn’t induced with Pitocin or any labor inducing drugs, and birthed in a birthing center with a big bathtub for a water birth.

Natural childbirth is where the mother does not receive any drugs to relieve pain or to aid the birthing process. Natural childbirth is considered to be the safest way for. Natural Cycles A new app that is "as effective as the pill but using only mathematics" has been approved for birth control across Europe.

The Natural Cycles app, designed by physicist couple. Natural childbirth is definitely not common in our society. C-sections, inductions, and epidurals are closer to the norm today, and many women consider any labor that ends in a vaginal delivery.

How does natural childbirth compare to
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