Glasses or contacts

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Contacts versus Glasses, or both?

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Which Is better for astigmatism -- glasses or contacts?

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This is the chart with letters or numbers in different sizes. Where glasses may be better in some areas, contact lenses are an improvement in others. And of course there is the third option, Laser Eye Surgery—an elective procedure that can eliminate the need to use both glasses or contact lenses.

Are contact lenses for you? Contacts are a terrific alternative to glasses and offer many advantages over glasses. For one, contacts allow more natural vision, do not obscure your peripheral vision and do not change your natural look.

Many people use glasses and contacts together or separately. Some use contacts to correct their nearsightedness and wear them most of the day, while also using glasses to read.

Others wear glasses on some days and contact lenses on alternate days. Around 10 times more people are nearsighted than farsighted.

Fast Facts

American Founding Father Ben Franklin had presbyopia, an inability to focus close-up that usually happens as you age. He described his. Contact lenses will give you clearer vision, with less distortion, than glasses.

Glasses sit about ½ inch from the eye and the frames can interfere with peripheral vision. Glasses sit about ½ inch from the eye and the frames can interfere with peripheral vision.

Glasses or contacts
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Contacts vs Glasses - The Pros and Cons for both contacts vs eyeglasses.