Consequences of plagiarism in college

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Plagiarism at the College Level and its Consequences

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Plagiarism Checker

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Consequences of Plagiarism in College

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We have an orientation session for new students where we spend a significant amount of time presenting the concept of visual plagiarism, and explaining our zero-tolerance policies regarding unauthorized use.

Battling Visual Plagiarism

According to The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, plagiarism is rampant on college campuses. Despite the prevalence of this practice, students should never underestimate the severity of its potential consequences.

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that violates academic. Academic integrity is the key principle followed to the dot by all educational institutions.

Academic honesty goes hand in hand with academic integrity and requires % novelty in studies and writing. That being said, plagiarism is a temptation that many a high school and college student face.

Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement: Is Copying Illegal?

Or carelessness to give credit where credit is due sometimes is a trap. But there are serious consequences for plagiarism. Yale College considers all referred plagiarism cases in its Yale College Executive Committee and commonly suspends the student, lowers a course grade or gives a failing grade and, in the most serious instances, may expel the student from Yale.

This article addresses the differences between plagiarism and copyright infringement. It is written for students and can be printed as a handout. Derivative works and fair use are also addressed.

Consequences of plagiarism in college
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Plagiarism Consequences in College